A formal application is due to be submitted in February 2023.

Planning applications for Farnborough North and the Hatches can either be made as one application or as two separate applications.

Network Rail are considering applying for a single planning application meaning they can use the umbrella legislation referred to as the Transport & Works Act Order for both sites. This allows one process to run and would saves them time and money.

Whatever planning application process Network Rail choose to pursue there will be a short statutory window of opportunity for all residents and other affected parties to comment, support or object. It will be important for as many people as possible to make their voice heard at this stage as the impact on locals will be a key consideration in any decision.

Below is the latest time plan shown in the presentation from the third consultation.

Concerns raised

Residents strongly oppose the possibility of a joint application for both the Farnborough North and Hatches (Spencer Close) bridges. Presumably the rationale here is to try to mask the many issues with the Hatches project and push it through with the Farnborough North project which clearly offers safety (and convenience) benefits to a much larger user base.

These are two very different crossings with different user needs, behaviour and numbers. They are also totally independent of one another i.e. one could be built without the other and it wouldn’t have any impact.

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If you don’t agree with what Network Rail are proposing, there are things you can do.

Doing nothing will be seen as a positive response by Network Rail.

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