About the bridge

Network Rail consider the Hatches crossing as high risk and have gone through a process to determine what they believe is the best solution i.e. replacing it with a bridge at Spencer Close.

The bridge would include steps and a ramp, be fabricated of steel and approximately 8 metres high. It would cost in the region of £3.7 million (current working cost) and a new footpath would be required for it to join up with the existing path.

Bridge details

How did Network Rail decide on a bridge?

Network Rail have gone through a process to determine what they believe is the best solution.

The existing crossing

Network Rail’s assessment of the existing crossing and it’s safety record.

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Options available

How Network Rail decided a bridge was the best option and discounted alternatives.

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The consultation process

How Network Rail communicated and engaged with residents and users.

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Planning application

A formal application is expected in February 2023. So what happens next?

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What concerns have been raised?

Many residents are very unhappy with what Network Rail are proposing and how they came to this conclusion.

Decision process

Glaring issues and skewed or missing data throughout the process. Network Rail had decided on a bridge from the start.


Unnecessary removal of trees, impact on wildlife and poor detail in ecological reports.

Impact on residents

Impact on privacy, noise and sound pollution, litter, parking and risk of crime and antisocial behaviour.

Impact on users

Less convenient, longer to walk for most users, safety concerns on the bridge and along the extended path.

Consultation process

Poorly organised consultations, feedback not taken into consideration throughout the process, misleading visuals and shockingly slow responses to questions via email.

Planning application

Network Rail looking to submit a joint application with the Farnborough North crossing.

Do you oppose Network Rail's bridge proposal?

If you don’t agree with what Network Rail are proposing, there are things you can do.

Doing nothing will be seen as a positive response by Network Rail.

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